AutoCon (India) Assistance and Administration Private Limited offer the best in class product offering and services in India, mainly for the Automotive and Consumer Goods industry. Our expertise in the specialised lines of car care products and its administration coupled with state of the art administration software offers a strong platform for OEM', Dealers and Service Centres to offer value added products and services to their clients.

The Indian automobile market is one of the largest in the world, both in terms of sales volume and production. Talking about historical roots of the car market in India, the first time that a vehicle came on road was in 1897. Over the years, the car market in India has evolved by leaps and bounds as almost all major companies are present in the country. India has now become a hub for auto makers to set up their plants for

manufacturing vehicles intended for domestic and international markets.
As the Indian Automotive market is maturing, there is a greater focus on selling value added products that can contribute not only to the bottom line of a manufacturer or dealer, but also offers improved retention and customer satisfaction rates.

AutoCon (India) Private Limited has adopted a robust business model to that can offer bespoke extended warranty administration and assistance program through its extensive network and highly rated business partners.

We commit to customer service and we strive to nurture a long standing relationship with our clients and business partners. Our guiding principles are Value Innovation, Transparency and Integrity.

Excel in our Area of Expertise


To continuously learn, improve and innovate, so that we lead the way. Leverage on the relationship and expertise of our businesses partners maximize our reach and product offering

Develop new products and services


Add value to existing products and services; offer a wide range of solutions that are bespoke to the client/region/industry.

Expand our Reach


Develop long term relationships with Insurance and Re-Insurance Companies, Service Providers, Financial Institutions, OEM's, Distributors and Dealers to work together and support them in winning the competition.

Commitment to customer satisfaction


We will always uphold our commitment to Customer Service and honour our obligations. Conduct customer surveys and act on customer feedback promptly with our consumer needs and circumstances.