Direct Marketing & CSS

Direct Marketing & CSS [Customer Satisfaction Surveys]

Boost your business with Direct Marketing.

[Email & Phone Calls]

Our email solution was designed for corporations of all sizes! It’s as simple as sending out an email. Our goal is to provide our customers with a simple yet highly effective tool for sending out corporate messages, new product launch, offers etc.

Data Cleansing:

Things can get downright messy when marketers have too much dirty data in their customer records. Dirty data—i.e. customer information that's inaccurate, incomplete, or redundant—can wreak havoc on even the most well-planned, highly orchestrated marketing campaigns. We provide cleaner, updated data to obtain maximum penetration for every campaigns.

Find out how your Customers rate your company, its products and service through CSS surveys

Provide opportunity for customers to provide feedback on you products and services

  • Obtain direct and independent feedback from customers through an independent third party
Measure your company against its competition

Find out what your customers think and say without your knowledge

Learn what customers are thinking and saying about your competitors’ products and performance

  • Provide an opportunity for public recognition of your company’s performance
  • Analyze survey results

Information from end-users provides the basis for planning customer support and customer service programs, and can help pave the way to increased market share

CSS data is useful for
  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Developing strategic marketing plans
  • Responding to market demands
  • Revealing customer needs