Buying a used car is still considered to be a gamble for a lot of buyers. The sole reason behind this is the lack of assurance and responsibility taken from the sellers end. This is where we have now made available Used Vehicle Certification to a car buyer. Buyer can now feel relaxed when he/she know the exact condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase.

AutoCon multi-point check-up generally covers the following sections:

  • Driving Test - engine performance, noise and overall ride quality.
  • Frame and Chassis - complete frame inspection for repairs, damage done or any abnormality on the chassis.
  • Glass, Wiper and mirror check - checks on front and rear windshield, condition of mirrors.
  • Exterior lights - headlight, tail light, parking lights, low beam, high beam and so on.
  • Engine condition - check on oil level, fluid level, belts hoses and wiring.
  • Exhaust - exhaust condition, free flow, under body pipe checks.
  • Fuel pump - fuel pump noise, fuel filter, air filter Electrical systems- starter system, ignition, battery condition, charging on running.
  • Interior floor – carpet check, floor mats, door trim panels.
  • Door and window lock – automatic lock, manual lock.
  • Suspension and transmission check - transmission system condition, universal joints, clutch assembly, suspension system, rods and idler arm, springs condition.
  • Interior features – audio system, steering wheel, instrument panel, AC, Heater, interior lights, glove box and other dials and knobs.
  • Seats - seat upholstery, headrest and seat movement.
  • Boot check – luggage compartment floor, luggage light, spare wheel and other tools.